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“A neat way to connect your school community online.”

This is the public facing aspect of Ultranet. It can be used as your main school website or alternatively as an intranet for shared information and resources.

A series of additional plug-ins are also included and designed to help schools with the management of common administrative tasks.


 Easy page pubishing

The main focus of most websites is the content itself, which can range from basic styled text to intricate HTML tables with dynamic elements and embedded media. Whether they are publicly accessible pages or secure virtual classroom pages, Ultranet uses a single, integrated Page Editor to create and publish these.

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 School news and notices

As with any large organisation, keeping all participants in a school informed of news and events is an ongoing administrative duty. The News Centre module in Ultranet is designed to help transition notices and newsletters into a more streamlined and paper-less solution.

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 Resource bookings

Teachers and students use a variety of resources in their daily learning activities, from stationery and data projectors to computer labs or the library. The Bookings module provides schools with an electronic booking sheet to manage school resources and online booking of items.

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 Shared calendars

Everybody’s got their own priorities. The trick in a collaborative and co-dependent environment is synchronising and sharing these priorities adequately to avoid timing clashes or having important milestones missed. The Calendar module available on both web and class pages connects to each user’s Personal Calendar, thereby providing a synchronised way of sharing and publishing event information from multiple sources to users.

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 Online research

When it comes to searching for answers or information online, learners really need to be mindful of where to search and how to quantify the quality of results returned. The Search bar in Ultranet is a powerful tool that helps provide a starting point for online research by pulling together search results from within Ultranet and also qualified external repositories.

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 User messaging

Improved communication is one of the natural spin-offs from harnessing web-based technology to support online learning. The Message Centre available to all users on the Dashboard provides a centralised and tracked area for managing asynchronous communication between students, teachers and parents.

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Subscription plans

*NOTE: The minimum monthly subscription for all plans is $50/month.