Your centralised web-based learning hub.

The Virtual Classroom is a brand new modular web app developed for the Ultranet platform. We have designed it as a simple but extensible starting point which makes it really easy to create an engaging blended learning environment for your students.

The Virtual Classroom emphasises ease-of-use and brings the most sought after functionality into a smart, integrated and focused package.

Page creation—recreated!

The Virtual Classroom features a completely revamped experience for page creation and content editing. Using our brand new Page Builder tool, setting up content and resources for your online classroom is now much simpler, with visual results that will impress.


Build by drag-and-drop.

The new Page Builder breaks down your content types into page widgets—individual content blocks that perform specific functions like render text, display photos or play a YouTube video. These widgets can then be placed in any of the defined page template zones, so you don’t have to worry about specifying dimensions or adjusting layouts.

Instant visual themes.

Dramatically change the vibe of your class pages with just a click of a button. All page templates have been designed with separated, transferable layers and regions—so the entire colour scheme and styling of pages can be swapped around, without you having to touch or adjust your page content.


Automatic page versioning and restoration.

Never lose your content or accidentally delete pages again. Teachers now have much more control over the edit history for their pages, including the ability to preview and restore previous versions of pages. All classes now have their own recycle bin for deleted pages. Plus, backups are automatic, so you don’t have to worry about it until you need it!

Guided by workflows.

Getting started or remembering your next steps is now much easier thanks to our guided workflows. Starting with a single button, we guide you through all the steps required to add different types of content to your virtual classroom. You only need to focus on one task at a time and we prompt you with cues when you need them. Information and control panels expand and contract reflexively, keeping the interface clean and tidy.

More power to you!

Accompanying the new Virtual Classrooms is a dedicated management tool accessed from your User Menu on the Personal Toolbar. This means you can tweak and fine-tune your own class settings without having to bother an Administrator.


Increased management powers.

All Teacher accounts now have independent access to the ‘My Virtual Classrooms’ panel. This means teacher can autonomously manage their own Virtual Classrooms—create new classes, assign custom memberships, take site offline for maintenance, or adjust any of the other default settings.

More flexible class memberships.

Class memberships now work on three new levels of access: Owner, Participant and Guest. You can assign users to any access level, allowing you to grant students management rights to their own class or microsite, or assign colleagues view-only access to your pages. You can even add or remove individual users from class memberships, rather than having to set permissions by group.

File away with ease.

The new Virtual Classroom has a powerful new Ultranet architecture that features a comprehensive file repository. This is accessed from the new File Manager, and provides a centralised view of all the files you own, or have access to, across all your Virtual Classrooms.


Personal file storage.

Virtual Classroom storage is now independent of your personal files, so each user has access to their own ‘My Files’ area where they can upload, browse through and manage their own private content. Using filters and advanced search tools, finding content that you have previously uploaded is now also a lot quicker and easier.

A speedier way to upload.

In tandem with the ‘My Files’ storage area there is a new Personal Toolbar widget called the Uploader. This enables users to send files from their device directly to their personal file store, no matter where they are in the system. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing—just upload anytime, anywhere. And what’s more, it also support drag-and-drop, including multiple files in one go!

The Virtual Classroom is available now!

All schools that are currently subscribed to Ultranet’s Classroom Tools module are automatically eligible for the new Virtual Classrooms. If you’re not currently subscribing to Classroom Tools, you can still apply for the free-trial period.
Just let us know that you’re ready in the form below.



Some listed features may not be initially available to all schools. Specifications are subject to change.