User messaging

Email without email.

Despite the boom in alternative web-communication solutions, emails are still with us and will stay with us for a while yet. However, they are not always available to users—especially younger students who may not have access to a school-provided or third-party email service.

The Message Centre in Ultranet takes care of this by providing an equitable and integrated solution for sending messages and attachments to other users. Conversations are threaded and tracked, and you can send a message to a single recipient or to a group of individuals.

Site-wide integration.

The need to communicate with another user could arise at any point within the online learning environment, so it’s important that the functionality is never far away.

The Message Centre is always available from users’ Dashboards and uSpace navigation bar. Additionally, areas such as the Tasks module, Class List or User Admin panel have the Message Centre built-in, so communication can be initiated from numerous areas across Ultranet.

Alert options.

Message alerts get top level display on the Dashboard, so at a glance you can spot if you have received any new messages since you last checked.

For those who like receiving email reminders too, an alert service can be enabled on the Dashboard so that you get notified whenever a message is sent to you in Ultranet.

Abuse reporting.

Items in the Message Inbox feature the same “Report Abuse” functionality as featured in uSpace. This means any cases of misuse or cyber-bullying can be reported and traced easily. Individual Message Inboxes can also be disabled, so if a particular student has been misbehaving, you can impose a temporary or permanent block on their access to this feature.