“Your gateway to the next generation of learning platform.”

Ultranet 2.6 is a hybrid system, combining the extensive functionality available in Ultranet 2, and connecting it with the brand new Virtual Classroom architecture.


Centralised navigation

Find your way around the platform and never get lost thanks to the new Personal Toolbar.

Anchored to the top of every page, you can now easily find your way to Class Pages, uSpace profile pages, Admin panels, System Search and Help resources.

A better Dashboard

The new Dashboard is all about bringing all of your notifications and updates into one place, whilst making it more exciting and attractive to browse through.

Get class updates, event reminders and more detailed uSpace alerts as soon as you sign in—all presented in a new visual card or list layout.



Get BYOD-ready

Mobile productivity and connectivity just got expanded with the introduction of the new Ultranet Mobile apps for iOS and Windows 8. Ultranet 2.6 includes the updated gateway to support the richer, more immersive mobile app.

Stay signed in for longer

We have increased the session timeout from 30 minutes to a whole 2 hours! We’ve received a lot of feedback about this feature, and are happy to be able to support this in the new framework.

Upload bigger files

High-resolution media has grown in popularity and availability, so we’ve increased the file upload restriction to 100 MB, allowing you to submit your HD files into Ultranet.

Connect to the future

Ultranet 2.6 includes hybrid connectivity with the new Virtual Classroom platform that we’ve been constructing. With this link in place, we can ensure that users can more seamlessly make the transition into our new software environments.


  • Expanded Class Activity feed items to include more extensive and granular notification types for Ultranet 2 Class Pages.
  • Updated Task tiles date-due colour to reflect the task completion status (red, green, grey).
  • Revised activity tiles behaviour to automatically flip on hover/tap.
  • Added option for Administrators to configure default tab view for user accounts.
Page Admin
  • Replaced page drag-and-drop component used for page re-ordering.
Parent Portal
  • Revised default landing-page behaviour for parent accounts.
  • Added option for Administrators to configure default tab view for parent accounts.
Personal Toolbar
  • Added safety mechanisms for continued toolbar operation during cloud-component upgrades.
  • Integration with the new Virtual Classroom platform, including background user and group synchronising.
  • Updated media encoding service to improve encode queue handling.
  • Implemented revised core URL rewrite engine to improve site loading speeds.
  • Increased default session timeout from 30 minutes to 120 minutes (2 hours).
  • Increased system file upload limit from 30 MB to 100 MB.
  • Introduced new full-screen design for Activity Feeds, including new table listing or visual card style for individual feed items.
  • Consolidated uSpace Showcase activity feeds (now deprecated) into new Dashboard.
  • Relocated sidebar navigation items to Personal Toolbar (Message Inbox, Personal Calendar, Bookings Moderation) or User Menu (Account Settings, SMS-LMS Interoperability information).
Personal Toolbar
  • Introduced new user-interface element for global navigation access.
  • Relocated Help link to Support Portal from global site footer (now deprecated).
  • Added option to search Support Portal knowledgebase and/or log ticket from within Ultranet app.
Public Toolbar
  • Introduced new user-interface element for unauthenticated users viewing WebSpace (Home or public pages).
  • Relocated News Centre link and Search function from Navigation Menu (now deprecated).
  • Relocated authentication (Sign In) link from Profile Identity Bar (now deprecated).
Ultranet Mobile
  • Updated API endpoint to support new Ultranet Mobile app on iOS and Windows 8.
uSpace Folio Tasks
  • Added option to Save & Continue editing task.
  • Added auto-save to page editor.
Note about custom URL bindings:

As Ultranet version 2.6 runs from the new shared SaaS platform, there will be a small URL change when the upgrade is applied which only affects schools using custom URLs to access their Ultranet site (e.g. if your school uses both “www.schoolname.school.nz” as well as the default “schoolname.ultranet.school.nz”).

Post upgrade, there will be no change to the URL displayed on your public facing web pages. This will continue to display your school domain (i.e. “www.schoolname.school.nz”).

However, all authenticated users signing in will now see a change in URL to reflect the domain of the shared SaaS platform. By default, the format of the URL will be “schoolname.ultranet.school.nz”.

Browser compatibility:

For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of the supported browsers.

As a HTML web-app, Ultranet will load in mobile web browsers, but some functionality may not be supported on your device.

Minimum screen resolution:
  • 1,024 x 768 px

Ultranet Mobile device support:
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (iOS 6+)
  • Windows 8+ (RT or Pro)