Shared calendars

Familiar navigation.

Time can be quite abstract and difficult to frame, especially when you have a lot of things happening within that amount of time. So it’s important to present timed events in a format that is relevant and useful in a school context.

The Term Navigator in the Calendar module displays the full year on a weekly basis, organised by their corresponding school term. Using this more familiar frame of reference, teachers and students can quickly identify when events are happening and gauge their relationship to the school year itself.

Automatic reminders.

A well-populated calendar is next to meaningless if it isn’t looked at, so strategy is important in getting users to see events details and reminders that concern them.

By default, Calendar items from class pages that users are members of will appear in their “Week Ahead Planner” on the Dashboard. This means as soon as they log in to Ultranet, they get an overview of events and reminders that are relevant to them.

On top of this, users also have the option of enabling the Daily Digest email reminder service. Using this, important event reminders (as well as other Ultranet-related information) gets emailed to the user every morning, so nothing slips between the cracks.

Export or subscribe.

By default, Personal Calendars can be accessed directly from the Dashboard of authenticated users, so compiled event information is never far away. However, users are not restricted to only seeing these within Ultranet.

Personal Calendar events can be subscribed to as a web calendar, which means you can view Ultranet events on desktop calendar applications such as Outlook or iCal. Subscribed calendars are auto-updating, so when new events get entered on the Ultranet end, those events are synchronised and will appear on the desktop view as well.

In addition to this, the Personal Calendar also includes an ICS format file download, should you wish to import the events into a calendar that does not support subscription (such as particular web calendars or personal electronic organiser/phones).