Online research

Full site search.

As a Learning Management System, Ultranet can house a lot of materials and resources that are relevant for students doing online research. So the first step would be to see what has been published internally.

The Ultranet search checks for matches within the Page Content, Resources, Discussions and News Centre articles. If teachers have uploaded the relevant materials already, students will be able to find what they need using the Search function.

Digital NZ integration.

Digital NZ is a powerful aggregator of varied digital content from government departments, publicly funded organisations, the private sector, and community groups. This means search results can include quality approved sources such as public, national and university libraries, city council archives, art galleries and museums (plus many others).

The results from these Digital NZ organisations are now available directly within the Search bar of every Ultranet site. With this tool, students can be encouraged to perform research queries from within Ultranet and receive results—such as research papers, manuscripts, videos and other media—that are more likely to be relevant and usable.

» Find out more about Digital NZ.

Google suggestions.

Using effective keywords to narrow down search results can be an elusive skill, without which students might soon give up in frustration.

To help avoid this, the Search Centre includes an auto-suggest panel powered by Google’s vast and extensive search engine. Related keyword searches and suggestions will appear in this list, which can help prompt students to refine their query to find exactly what they are looking for.