“Keep the learning connected when you’re on the go.”

This plug-in for the Ultranet system enables users to keep an open connection to their learning environment whilst using their iOS or Windows 8 device.

Ultranet Mobile keeps you in sync with the most important information and your partners in learning, all without opening a browser window.


Keep informed

The Ultranet Mobile app keeps you updated with the latest news and notifications, from Task and Calendar reminders to News and Notices.

Dashboard reminders.

Get a summary of all your active and upcoming Tasks, Page & Personal Calendar events, Quizzes, Self Evaluations and Bookings reminders.

News Centre feeds.

Browse and read News Articles and Daily Notices directly from Ultranet on your mobile device.

Capture experiences

With the Ultranet Mobile app, you can finally capture those learning experiences where they happen.

Tap to record.

Take photos, record video and audio clips, then upload them directly to your class Media Gallery or uSpace Media page.

Sights and sounds.

Gain direct access to all your shared class Media Galleries and personal uSpace Media albums, including the ability to browse through them in a beautiful new way.

Stay connected

With the Ultranet Mobile app, you can now access your Messaging Inbox whilst away from your computer.*

Threaded conversations.

Browse messages in organised threads, helping you to follow and review conversation histories with your friends, students or colleagues.

Chat on the go.

Compose new messages within the app using a familiar ‘chat style’ interface, and manage your inbox items using touchscreen gestures.

* NOTE: Messaging feature not available on Windows 8 app.



add-on to base monthly fee

To utilise Ultranet Mobile, the Mobile Gateway plug-in must be installed and activated in your main Ultranet application. This feature is an add-on component to your monthly subscription fee.

The apps themselves can be downloaded for free from their corresponding platform stores (see below). There is no maximum device limit per user, so you can install the app on as many devices as you wish.

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