For almost 10 years, Ultranet has been growing and shaping the way schools across New Zealand augment learning experiences using a variety of our online services and tools. This year, we’re proud to announce the latest major evolution in our platform.


Clean, sharp design

The new workspaces are streamlined and designed to offer a consistent user experience across the platform. The interface is fresh and clear of clutter, so you can focus on your content and the task at hand!

Centralised navigation

Find your way around the platform and never get lost thanks to the new Personal Toolbar. Anchored to the top of every page, you can now easily find your way to classes, profile pages, admin panels and more.

Guided workflows

Common functions are now broken into stepped sequences, guiding you along the process in a focused manner. This means less mistakes and getting lost, or feeling like you need a manual!

Click to play demonstration.

A layered approach

With the new Page Builder, the Content layer is now separated from the page Template and Theme. This allows you to easily alter the style of the page without messing with your text, media and other embedded objects.

Click to play demonstration.

Drag and drop

The new Page Builder breaks down your content types into page widgets–individual blocks that perform specific functions like render text, display photos or play a YouTube video. These widgets can then be placed in any of the defined zones, so you don’t have to worry about layout or dimensions.

Modularised to suit

The new platform is designed to be modular, so that schools can choose components as and when they are ready for them, and progress at their own pace. Click to explore the modules: