Ultranet LMS

As an evolved and established online learning platform, Ultranet provides a wealth of functionality for the different types of users that interact with it daily. So what exactly can students, teachers and parents do in this environment?

Well, although it is one single product, Ultranet’s functionality can be described as covering three distinct areas—or what we like to call the three spaces:

  • ClassSpace. This is essentially the heart of the system, and is where you will find the individual virtual classroom spaces for students and teachers to interact—it’s like the physical classroom, but made available online. Here is where you’ll find collaborative learning, resource sharing, online task and activity management.
  • uSpace. This is the personal learning area of Ultranet, and where you will find the social learning network with ePortfolios integrated. Think of it like a traditional learning journal or scrapbook of work, but having that more easily sharable and with much richer types of content.
  • WebSpace. This is the public facing aspect of Ultranet, and where a lot of schools set up their main website pages to publish information about themselves and news to the public. On top of basic webpage publishing, there are several additional modules included in this space to help manage administrative tasks.

To find out more about the functionality in each of these spaces, click on the links to below and explore what Ultranet has to offer.