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“A virtual extension to your learning environment.”

This is the heart of the Ultranet system, the home of the interactive classroom spaces—just like a physical classroom, but available online 24/7.

Your virtual classroom is the centre for collaborative learning, where resources are shared and tasks and activities are managed.


 Tasks and activities

Managing learning activities in a busy classroom is a combination of setting clear task outlines, as well as tracking individual student needs and progress. The integrated Tasks module in Ultranet’s virtual classrooms allows teachers to create and publish activities, including the ability to monitor class engagement and status.

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 Discussion forums

Learning is often augmented when opportunities to collaborate and engage with the content informally are introduced. With the Discussions module in Ultranet, conversations about and around the various topics being studied can be stored, tracked and used to enhance the opportunities to interact.

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 Interactive quizzes

Formal assessment is always accompanied by documentation, and one big component of that is gathering the actual evidence of learning progress or understanding. Using the QuizBox module, teachers can easily set up online tests, surveys and reflection forms for their students, tracking their progress as they work through it and analysing the class results upon completion.

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 Collaborative wikis

Collaboration is a key component to any modern learning programme, and the internet provides great evidence of what can be achieved by facilitating knowledge collaboration. The Wiki module available on all Ultranet pages brings this popular Web 2.0 functionality into the virtual classroom, allowing teachers to easily establish online collaboration on content with and between students.

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 Resource sharing

Not all content in an online learning environment needs to be published on the page, which is why file management and document hosting is one of the core components of any virtual classroom. The Resources module available on Ultranet’s class and web pages provides a neat way to quickly share files, links or embed web objects.

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 Media publishing

With the increasing ease and availability of media-capture devices, learning artefacts have started to diversify to include photos, videos and even audio recordings capturing student experiences. The uSpace Media section essentially brings the Media Gallery module from Ultranet’s pages and embeds a personal one on your own profile page, so users can upload and share media artefacts easily.

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 Easy page publishing

The main focus of most websites is the content itself, which can range from basic styled text to intricate HTML tables with dynamic elements and embedded media. Whether they are publicly accessible pages or secure virtual classroom pages, Ultranet uses a single, integrated Page Editor to create and publish these.

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 Online research

When it comes to searching for answers or information online, learners really need to be mindful of where to search and how to quantify the quality of results returned. The Search bar in Ultranet is a powerful tool that helps provide a starting point for online research by pulling together search results from within Ultranet and also qualified external repositories.

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 User messaging

Improved communication is one of the natural spin-offs from harnessing web-based technology to support online learning. The Message Centre available to all users on the Dashboard provides a centralised and tracked area for managing asynchronous communication between students, teachers and parents.

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Subscription plans

*NOTE: The minimum monthly subscription for all plans is $50/month.