Easy journaling.

When it comes to capturing your thoughts or reflections—whether a brief few words or an epic essay—it’s always nice to just jump in, type away, and publish.

The uSpace Blogs are about making the journaling process quick and easy, so students and teachers can record their reflections, reviews or any thoughts in their profiles without having to navigate through complicated admin panels.

Each blog entry is editable using a basic visual editor, so your words can be styled and formatted in a similar way to the Portfolio pages. Posts can be spiced up with the insertion of images, hyperlinks, Flash objects or even HTML snippets. It also includes auto-save, so drafts are autosaved saved as you type.

Buddy/Teacher feedback.

Some thoughts and journal entries are personal, others are best shared and evolved through feedback and comments.

Every uSpace Blog entry has this flexibility built-in, using the same sharing rules available in the Portfolio and Media sections. Posts can be made viewable to all of your Buddies, just a selected number of individuals, or only to Teachers and Parents.

Teachers can also utilise the blog posts as a form of assessment, and the “Teacher Comment” functionality from the Portfolio artefacts is also included here, allowing Student-Teacher-Parent conferencing on reflections shared within the blog.