We’re building something new

by Tim N  •  14 Aug 2013  •  Product

Ultranet is about to take the next step forward through the introduction of a multi-tenanted architecture, and we need to start getting things ready. Labelled an understated “2.6” the term 4 release will involve the creation of a seamless hybrid environment for our 130,000 users. 2.6 signals a new stage in the evolution of Ultranet that will allow the rapid introduction of new functionality and deeper levels of integration with other web platforms. Major functional additions will be a new Personal Toolbar, Dashboard and Virtual Classroom.

Needless to say that some major infrastructure changes are required to make this happen. The current beta programme will therefore be discontinued at the end of this week to allow preparation and testing of the live hybrid environment.

We would like to thank our beta schools for the feedback they have provided through the programme. The input received has been invaluable in building the foundation that will be realised by the 2.6 release. Further updates and previews of 2.6 and beyond will be posted to our website over the next two months and showcased at ULEARN at the end of this term.