We can’t argue with the numbers

by Angela  •  4 Jun 2013  •  News

To help shape the Network for Learning the MOE commissioned a survey of 600 schools late in 2012. The specific purpose was to “…gather information about how schools are currently using technology and what potential services running over fibre, schools would find valuable.”

From an Ultranet perspective the results were extremely affirming:

·         When asked “How important is it for schools to have access to the following cloud services on the N4L” over 70% of schools rated an LMS as being either “Extremely” or “Very” important. This was consistent across all size brackets. (Page 10 b1)

·         Ultranet was ranked by schools as third behind only the Google and Microsoft heavyweights as a current “Provider/host” of their “Online Servers”. (Page 45 d16).

·         Ultranet was the top ranked LMS for schools sized at “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”, and was top two in the categories at either end of the size spectrum. (Page 75 i2)


The full results of the survey have been published on Education Counts. There is a wealth of interesting information in there for anyone who wants to know what everyone else is doing about their technological bits and bobs.  http://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/publications/schooling/school-ict-infrastructure-survey