This post builds on my previous post “How to make your Ultranet Website look Great” which deals with some of the basics of layout and table design on your Home Page. In this post we will look at the use of other tools which can be used to give your Ultranet website some wow factor.

On this screenshot of Te Kura o Matapihi’s home page,  I have highlighted 5 features which have been integrated into the design of the page.  These have either been added directly to the HTML code or embedded using an iframe.  Read on to find out how each of these features has been implemented.



Roll-over buttons have been used to add movement to the page . Click here to learn how to make a rollover button.

slideshow has been created using WOWslider. Click here to find out how to embed this into an Ultranet page.

An embedded news feed is used to bring the latest updates from the News Centre through to the website home page.

The principal’s posts on Blogger are streamed through to the website to make a one stop shop for visitors.

Finally, an embedded Google calendar  completes the page.