Ultranet breakouts at ULearn

by Kat  •  26 Sep 2011  •  Events

Term 3 is rushing past, which can only mean the ULearn conference in Rotorua is almost upon us. The Ultranet team will be there as usual, but doing things slightly different from previous years (more on this to follow).

This year we have four Ultranet related breakouts at ULearn—each quite different so as to provide something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there!


Enhancing a Learning Community with Technology (Breakout 2)

Stuart Armistead & Geoff Booth, Stanley Avenue School

This session will cover the journey of the creation of a shared vision of the Stanley Avenue Lifelong Learner. It will then outline the actions we are taking to bring this vision to life, including the twist of emerging technologies. These emerging technologies include Ultranet LMS, Net-books, Mobile Devices and apps from the Android Market. The use of these devices has been aligned with the school’s charter goals of creating students ‘in charge’ of their learning, and enhancing communication between home and school.


Are we there yet? The LMS journey (Breakout 3)

Joanne Thom & Tim Berends, Ultranet team

With the myriad tools available to educators, and an ever-changing learning landscape, today’s classroom teacher may feel overwhelmed. Many schools have made the decision to support their teachers by introducing an LMS (Learning Management System). And so begins a journey. However, just as with any successful journey, there are fundamental questions to ask, and preparations to be made. A road map is required so that your travellers do not lose their way.

This presentation will look at supporting LMS implementation in secondary schools from a facilitator’s perspective. We will discuss the different approaches made, the challenges encountered, and the strategies used by a range of schools we have worked with as facilitators. We will also ask participants to think critically about their own schools, and their own teaching practices, to help them shape effective road maps for an e-learning journey.


We’re on to a GOOD THING (Breakout 3)

Craig Robinson, Christchurch South Intermediate

As a school we want to develop in our students a passion for learning. We want them to embrace challenge, build independence and celebrate diversity and our LMS has become a key contributor to achieving this. It may be the enhanced sense of community generated by the social learning network; it may be the rich feedback that students will receive from their peers and parents in their e-portfolios; it may be the rich engaging 21st century web 2.0 resources in the online classrooms that ignite a passion in our students; it may be our website that helps keep our community informed and feeling a part of our school. Whatever aspect of an LMS that you look at, all we know is that we are onto a good thing and we are excited by that.


Learning in the driving seat, a Tauranga Moana Cluster Road Trip: off-road/on-line! (Breakout 3)

Sandy Bornholdt and the Tauranga Moana Cluster

From the onset the Tauranga Moana Cluster had a strong vision to establish an online professional learning community to bring the cluster together and to provide rigour to the face-to-face professional learning community. The premise for establishing this so early on in the journey was so that the cluster would be able to use the online learning community to ‘add value’ to the concepts around ‘new professionalism’, and blended learning, as well as explore ways to link teacher / student learning, family and whanau communities together through cluster initiatives.

“On the road to e-Learning, make sure that Learning is in the driving seat, and Technology is in the passenger seat with the map. Learning decides the destination, Technology helps you get there.” – Ian Fyfe

The LMS, Ultranet, was chosen by all the cluster schools as the online vehicle to support the cluster vision due to its ability to provide multiple pathways for developing theory into practice; for the development of reflective practice, for modelling blended learning approaches, and to develop collaborative learning opportunities. One of the key successes so far is that teachers have been able to transfer their PD/PL directly into their classroom practice.

The schools in the cluster will present a snapshot of how they are individualising and linking cluster initiatives with their own school visions and action plans. Find out about how online social networking is being used: to promote the principles of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, to develop student voice and grow reflective practice. Find out how virtual classrooms are being used to explore the principles of blended learning, to develop key competencies and unpack literacy progressions.