Ultranet 2.5 has been released

by Tim N  •  29 Jul 2013  •  News

The infrastructure team has been busy upgrading our hosted sites during the holidays.

The key new features include:

  • A new HTML editor with full screen windows for improved usability on mobile devices
  • An updated video encoder to enable video playback on devices which do not support Flash
  • Customisable page banners
  • Full support for unicode characters to enable Māori and other languages to be displayed
  • Support for timetables with different start and finish dates and variations in term structure
  • Enhancements to the quiz module (printout of results, draft status marker)
  • The ability to add custom links to the side panel of the dashboard

Refer to the release notes via the link below for full details of what has been included.

Ultranet 2.5 Release Notes