Ultranet 2.3.4 officially released

by Ultranet  •  9 Aug 2011  •  News

After having to tackle a few last-minute hiccups with SMS-LMS Interoperability, we’re proud to announce that Ultranet 2.3.4 is finished and is being deployed to schools at this moment. The full list of changes can be found in this announcement document, but in summary the main highlights are:

  • A completely redesigned Media Gallery module, focusing on giving more space and presentability to your photos and videos, plus adding in support for audio files.
  • A brand new page module called the Categories module, which provides a much better way of organising your menus and sub pages if you have a densely populated website or virtual classroom.
  • Enhanced support and options for SMS-LMS Interoperability, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Live@edu.
  • Dozens of other tweaks and new features to make running Ultranet better, such as integration with Google Analytics (for checking site hits and statistics).

We’re looking forward to getting this out to all our schools as soon as possible. If you’re currently running Ultranet 2.3.3 and haven’t heard from us already, expect an email notification soon advising of your upgrade date and details.

In the meantime, feel free to shoot through to us any queries you may have, and if you get stuck with version 2.3.4, don’t forget to check out the new tutorials in the Support Portal.