Tips on working with videos

by Hugh  •  4 Nov 2011  •  Product

We’ve heard a lot of great feedback about the new Media Gallery in Ultranet 2.3.4, and it sounds like its encouraged teachers to think of more ways to integrate multi-media into their online lessons or content.

One aspect of the Media Gallery that we get a lot of questions about is the use of videos, especially in terms of optimising them for the web. Although Ultranet’s Media Gallery does have a file compression/conversion processor built in to it, it obviously can only work if the source video was compact enough to get uploaded in the first place!

So to help with this commonly asked question, we’ve written up a new FAQ article in our Online Support Portal.

Video editing/conversion software

It covers the basics in terms of what software might be good to use for optimising your videos, and also some general tips on what key aspects of a video influence its overall file-size.

Go have a read, and see if it helps you out!