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by Sandy  •  26 Nov 2013  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

At Greerton Village School in Tauranga a class of Year 3 and 4 Students have been taking the lead on the their learning by becoming the school news reporters for the school’s Online Newspaper, which is delivered via the Ultranet News Centre.

Using the Ultranet News Centre to develop real life writing opportunities

Room 9’s teacher, Mr Annear, says:

“it has been a great way to motivate the children to write. Everything the children write about is “authentic” because the subject matter is happening around them.

Knowing that the article will be published on on our website also gives the children  a real purpose and a buzz. Sometimes we report on school wide events and other times it may just be something which the children are interested in.”

The real success story is how the school has linked the articles in the News Centre to the School Event’s Media Gallery to encourage the audience to delve deeper into the subject being reported about.


Caroline Taylor-Levey says:

“It has also been a great way to promote talent in the school and celebrate children’s learning.  When something is reported on at school the children go home and tell their families, who then log on to our website.  

The links to the School Events media gallery not only bring the learning to life but they also serve to archive our school events and learning for future reference.”