Picking up fresh ideas from others

by Kat  •  6 Jul 2012  •  Showcase

Term 2 seemed to pass in a whirlwind of travel with multiple Ultranet user group meetings occurring (Christchurch, Tauranga and Auckland), drop-in sessions (Palmerston North and Wellington) and the national INTERFACEXpo events. Each of these events provided Ultranet users the opportunity to meet and talk with others, and to pick up fresh ideas to take back to school.

One such example of this happened just last week at an after school drop-in session at Trentham School. One of the things Fergusson Intermediate showed the group is how they are using a “Common Room” – a virtual classroom available to all staff and students – which includes sections such as Spanish, Te Reo and the Student Council. Creating this widely shared space provides a great platform for school-wide resource sharing and opens opportunities for capturing student voice and facilitating cross-class learning conversations by way of Discussion forums.

Another fantastic, yet simple, idea was shared by Tanya from Burwood School at our last Ultranet User Group Meeting in Christchurch. She explained and showed the group how she has started to use the media gallery to engage her students, which has become so popular it has extended into the home too. By setting up a simple Media Gallery with humorous images of animals, she has created an exciting ‘hook’ for her students to come into their online classroom regularly and is helping them learn how to express their ideas and think up some great captions.


Burwood media gallery


Tanya has also recently started a “What is this?” media gallery, adding in photos of microscopic and obscure objects where the students guess what they think it is… a fantastic way to keep them curious!


Burwood media gallery


If you want to get ideas from other schools, and can’t wait for an Ultranet event in your region, try our online Community Discussion Forum. Use the Subscribe button to ensure updates come direct to you via email. Start a new topic today!