Introducing the Community Forum

by Hugh  •  12 Jun 2012  •  News

Over the past term, we’ve had the chance to meet and connect with many Ultranet users across the country at both regional User Group Meetings and the INTERFACExpo. It’s been exciting to see the enthusiasm and drive schools are putting behind LMS implementation, as well as their keenness to hear from other schools on a similar journey.

Particularly, the feedback we’ve been getting from User Group Meetings is that the discussion and sharing time is a highlight activity. In fact, it’s quite interesting to note how many schools are experiencing very similar journeys with implementation—whether they are based in a major city centre or a rural school on the other side of the country.

So one consistent question that presents itself to us after these events is: “How do we more easily connect our schools with each other?”

Well, we’ve decided that a virtual, online solution is just the trick. So we’re proud to introduce the Ultranet Community Forum.

The Forums are embedded within our Support portal, so you can use the same account you’d use to log and track support tickets. We’re hoping to see the Forums used for various purposes, such as:

  • Sharing ideas and getting feedback on how you are using Ultranet.
  • Conversations around Ultranet-related tech (e.g. mobile devices) or school policies (e.g. cyberbullying, parental access, etc).
  • Getting advice or input on something you/your class/your school are working on in Ultranet.

Once in the Forums, you can also use the “subscribe” feature to follow discussion topics, or to follow the whole forum.

We’re really excited about the new potentials this offers us to stay in touch with schools, and also for our users to connect with each other. So hopefully you’ll start digging into the Community Forums soon—we look forward to hearing from you and carrying on the various discussions started off across the country!