Christchurch User Group meeting

by Kat  •  6 Oct 2011  •  Events

Last week, Angela, Hugh and Kat from the Ultranet team made their way down to Christchurch for the first Canterbury User Group meeting in conjunction with our regional partners, eTime. It was a great success, and we were really pleased to have 28 schools represented by 65 attendees.

Chch User Meeting

Ultranet is flourishing in the region, with 57 schools using it to date. This BatchGeo map gives you an idea of where they all are:

Five schools presented aspects of their implementation journey or how they use their site:

  • Adrian from The Cathedral Grammar School outlined how vital the LMS was during the February earthquake, not only as a communication tool but as a way for learning to continue as students were displaced. He also talked about his experiences of the interoperability between PC School and Ultranet, and benefits of using the Parent Portal.
  • Cade & Nick from Christchurch East School shared with us how their goal for developing an online environment for learning ties in with their key strategic goal of engaging the whole school community through the use of digital technologies. Since starting with Ultranet at the beginning of this year, Christchurch East have come far and we’re sure one of the keys to their success is encouraging team based self-review against their implementation targets—to enable barriers to be identified and subsequently strategies to be put in place to address these.
  • Carl from Lincoln High School highlighted the difficulties of implementing a tool like this in a school as large as Lincoln High. One of the professional learning opportunities offered this year is focusing on a specific Year 9 class and the 5 teachers involved with this class—learnings from this should enable and encourage a wider rollout.
  • Anne from Villa Maria School showed us some of the activities happening within the LMS at their school, including the library area where they are encouraging students to create book reviews. This, along with other ideas such as online profiles for student monitors, is encouraging students to become involved.
  • Craig from Christchurch South Intermediate explained how Ultranet was their ‘one-stop shop’ for information within the school and community. He described the different ways Ultranet’s features have been picked up and used to support learning and day-to-day school activities.

Hopefully those that attended got as much out of the afternoon as we did, and this has encouraged us to provide more opportunities like this around the country. We’ll be sharing some videos from the meeting soon, so watch this space!