Bring uSpace alive with a Roar

by Sandy  •  7 Nov 2013  •  Pedagogy, Showcase

Facilitate Shared Learning in uSpace

“Students learn as they engage in shared activities and conversations with other people, including family members and people in the wider community.”

(Page 35 of the New Zealand Curriculum Document)

At St Marks Church School, in Mt Victoria Wellington, Claire Francis has taken a traditional and simple idea of the “Travelling Toy” and put a 21st century twist on the learning.   Claire’s class of Year 2 students have developed a learning community around “Leo the Lion” in uSpace.

Leo’s adventures are now bought to life online, through the blog and the media gallery. The students  take Leo home and share his adventures with their classmates.

Students take photos and video of their adventures with Leo and upload these to the media gallery by logging in to Ultranet from a computer at home. They can also upload these images via a Mobile device like the ipad using the Ultranet Mobile App .

Media Gallery in uSpace

Media Albums showing photos and videos of Leo’s Adventures

Claire says that ” this is a great example of how elearning can be used to motivate and engage students with the learning task . By using uSpace (instead of the old style book) to record Leo’s adventures the students have an immediate audience for their writing”.

The ability to comment on a picture in the media gallery and on a blog post also allows the students and their families to interact with each other beyond the classroom walls.

Leo the Lion Blog

Leo the Lion Blog facilitating shared learning with student commenting on blog posts

How to build a learning community using a “Common Name” Account in Ultranet
  • Create an account in Ultranet using your pseudonym or common name .  Enable uspace and the mobile app for this user.
  • Share the login details with your students so that they can “post as” that pseudonym.
  • Ask the children to make the pseudonym a “Buddy” in uSpace.
  • Start posting……

Building shared learning communities, such as this one in uSpace, is a great way for younger children to get started with participating and contributing in Ultranet.

uSpace provides a safe, virtual environment in which to develop ideas around 21st century digital citizenship, as well as as authentic learning opportunity for students to develop written language skills.