10-minute Sessions at ULearn

by Hugh  •  17 Oct 2011  •  Events

This year at ULearn, we’re using our conference stand to provide some added value by delivering some short, informative sessions on Ultranet. We’re aiming to cover a range of topics, but boiling them down to simple 10-minute sessions that you can listen in on whilst on tea or lunch breaks. There are six presentations in total, cycling through the first two days of the conference. That means you’ll get three chances to hear each of the presentations.

Here are the snippet outlines of what we’ll be presenting:

What exactly is Ultranet?

With such a broad range of potential online tools to support teaching and learning, consolidation and centralisation are key components to a successful implementation. In this session, we’ll cover the broad overview of the Ultranet platform and what context it has in the modern school environment.

(Sessions: Wed 10:50am, Wed 1:50pm, Thu 1:05pm)


Improving school communications

Schools are busy places and a variety of information constantly needs to be transmitted and shared to various parties. In this session, we’ll explore the various means in which you can convey information and data to the key school stakeholders quickly and efficiently.

(Sessions: Wed 11:05am, Wed 2:05pm, Thu 1:20pm)


Tips on online safety

Setting guidelines to keep students safe online should be one of the top priorities in any school’s ICT programme. In this session, we’ll be looking at some of the important aspects of teaching online safety habits and safe information management.

(Sessions: Wed 11:20am, Thu 10:35am, Thu 1:35pm)


Enriching the virtual learning space

Populating a virtual classroom with rich and engaging content may seem like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. In this session, we’ll cover some of the ways you can leverage various Web 2.0 tools to produce a vibrant and varied learning experience in your virtual class page.

(Sessions: Wed 1:05pm, Thu 10:50am, Thu 1:50pm)


Benefits of an online learning platform

Technology has always been a strong harbinger of change, and education has not been immune to the challenges it presents. In this session, we’ll be looking at how recent research affirms the key reasons to establish an effective online learning presence for your school.

(Sessions: Wed 1:20pm, Thu 11:05am, Thu 3:35pm)


Engaging parents in the learning journey

Powerful learning experiences can always be enhanced and supported by greater parent awareness and involvement. In this session, we’ll be showing how the Parent Portal in Ultranet can be used as a stepping stone to much deeper and more meaningful home–school collaboration.

(Sessions: Wed 1:35pm, Thu 12:50pm, Thu 3:50pm)



As you can see, we’ve aimed to include topics that will interest those unfamiliar with Ultranet, whilst adding in extra value for those wishing to extend their Ultranet further.

For those that would like a timetable of the presentation roster, a downloadable version is available here.

We look forward to seeing you all there. Don’t forget that we’re happy to take any questions or just catch up for a chat whilst we’re down in Rotorua, so don’t be shy—come by and say ‘Hi’!