November 2018 ~ Release Notes

This upgrade is being applied to sites from 18 November -> Current.

News Centre Articles

  • New layout options for News Centre Articles (when open). You can now how large you want the news article images to display, and where you would like the image and content to sit on the News Article page. 
  • Social media sharing functionality for News Articles. Log in and share a news article to the school Facebook or Twitter account/s at the click of a button.

Media Gallery Module

  • Restyling of Media Gallery for simplified and mobile responsive layout. You can now view media galleries on mobile, and navigate through the album easily.

Button Widget

  • New widget for creating button hyperlinks.

Paragraph Widget

  • Hyperlinking capability to allow for default website URL to allow for https and customised URL addresses (ie: not including 'Ultranet' in the URL.

Media Widget

  • Media images can now be made into buttons quickly with hyperlinking to include the entire image (option remains to specify areas within an image for hyperlinking).