May 2018 ~ Release Notes



  • Copyright footer added.
  • Option to turn off sitemap footer added. Admin> General Configuration > General Settings > Site Navigation Menu> Enable footer navigation bar for web pages (True or False)

Homepage Slideshow

  • Shortcut to 'Edit Custom Slides' now in homepage edit menu for easy access.
  • You can now upload videos to homepage custom slides. Videos need to be compressed and have the matching dimensions to avoid getting cut off. Ultranet will not re-encode them to avoid losing quality. We suggest you contact the Ultranet team to ensure that any videos slides are displaying correctly.
  • Delay time control added. Option added to set delay time between slides. Under Administration > module management >  Configure modules, in homepage section.
  • Mute option added: Under Administration > module management >  Configure modules, in homepage section.
  • 'Select all' option added to homepage slideshow editor for notices feed. If selected, any new category in the News Centre (that is public), feeds through to this section automatically.

Media Widget

  • Media widget updated to include two built in albums that are invisible for the media gallery widget. This allows you to upload images for image handlers (slideshow & media widgets) without having them display in the media gallery.
  • Files can be directly uploaded from within the page builder to go in to these albums. 

Navigation Menu

  • Shortcut to navigation edit section added to edit dropdown list. 

News Centre

  • Embedded content widget: Added to news centre to allow third-party website embeds (such as Mailchimp or Google Docs).
  • Page layout: Front-end builder introduced to allow drag and drop modules and repositioning.
  • Page layout template: Options added to allow for further customisation of news centre layout.

News Centre Articles Widget

  • News Centre Articles publish options: Added to allow for control of where individual news articles will display (news centre, homepage, subpage, or a combination of the three.)

News Centre Newsletters Module

  • Title editing: Newsletter titles can now be edited with the newsletter module.
  • File size limit increase: News Centre newsletter file size limit is now configurable under '/Admin/Modules/' in 'News Centre' section as 'Maximum Allowed file size'. Default value is set to 20MB.
  • New tabs: News Centre newsletters will now open in new tabs when possible. This allows for direct linking to newsletter URLs.If there is no application configured to open the matching file type then browser will attempt to download it. 

News Centre Notices Module

  • Line breaks: News Centre notices module now allows for line breaks.

Paragraph Widget

  • Multi-column view errors resolved. Paragraphs can now display in multiple columns upon publish.
  • Option to upload and directly link files added to paragraph widget.